Steps to Start Renovations

Steps to Start Renovations

Time delays is often encountered in the process of remodeling the home. In fact, this could impact spending extra funds. The cause of the delay is planning underdone. As a result, the project should stop, rebuild, or other technical problems hampered. In order not to get caught up in the problem, you need to prepare a plan of renovation coherently and thoroughly. Planning steps should be organized so that the obstacles that may occur can already be anticipated early.

Here’s a tip steps to begin renovations and coherent explanation needs to be done.Jasa Renovasi Rumah

Pre-design phase

Discuss with your family the priority areas of renovation. Next, specify the maximum funds available for renovation. Preferably, leaving 10-20% of funds as a reserve.

The design phase

Describe all of your needs and desires to the architect or interior designer. Jasa Bangun Rumah They will extract information from you as a design consideration. Do not hesitate to put a limit of funds. Architect or interior designer will provide suitable working drawings remodeling needs and available funds.

Preparation phase

At this stage, find a contractor who will build. Negotiate the price and create a written agreement. If funds are limited, the foreman can be an option to replace the contractor, especially for small-scale renovation. Use recommendations from friends or relatives to choose a foreman or can also contact us to work. At this stage, you can start to fix the house to be renovated, such as move furniture to another room or rented temporary move.

stage renovation

Starting with the demolition of the points that have been determined. Sort the demolition material to be removed, reused or sold. After that, the job structure, bleak foundations, columns and beams can be started. Next is the architectural work, walls, floors, and ceilings. Electrical mechanical work such as installation of water, electricity, and electronics into the next stage. Finishing work became the cover, such as paint, wallpaper installation, setting up the layout of the furniture.

Level after renovation

This stage expressway to cleaning tools, material, location and overall renovation. Working tools, such as brushes, rollers, nails, sandpaper, wire, and pieces of wood that are still usable are cleaned of dirt, and kept neat. To be used as a paint container or a pot of water. Do not forget to record the code number and brand of paint if you want to repaint the same color.

Renovation work calendar:

  • Pre-design phase: the time it takes about 1 to 3 weeks. Especially for fundraising can begin 6-12 months earlier.
  • Stage Design: the time it takes about 1-2 months. This also depends on the time it takes the client to consult an architect or interior designer. Usually limited revisions 2-3 times so that the required design concept the client does not keep changing.
  • The preparatory stage: the time it takes around 2-3 weeks for packing and moving gradually.
  • Stage renovation: the time it takes about 1-6 months, depending on the type renovation. You can also ask the help of a contractor to make easy work schedule gar monitor.
  • Post renovation phase: the time it takes approximately one week. In addition to cleaning the location, time allocation is also used to eliminate the smell of paint.
    Thus step to begin renovations to be prepared and understood before the renovation.

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